Posted by: Ohh la la | May 9, 2011

Little Miss Giggle At Branding

Anyone who doesn’t understand what makes a strong brand or how to translate into corporate identity should take a look at Roger Hargreaves’ original cult children books series: Mr. Men and Little Miss.

As Google doodle celebrates the man behind Mr. Men and Little Miss by showcasing various of his unforgettable characters as you refresh the search page, it is worth taking a closer look at Hargreaves’ creative approach. Throughout the years until his early death in 1988 the author, who launched the series with long wobbly arms bright orange character Mr. Tickle, maintained the same distinctive illustrative style and unique approach which makes the series look still fresh and modern nearly 40 years on.

So if you are looking for inspiration on a corporate approach, take a look at the design of the series front covers.

Little Miss Giggle by Roger Hargreaves

Those spells out the Mr. Men & Little Miss brand.

Each book’s design means that there is no doubt  in the shoppers mind that the book they are about to purchase forms part of a series. First there are the distinctive commonalities – such as the overall minimalistic look of the cover and the strong emphasis on the character – with the name always typeset in bold Helvetica black  and of course Mr Men. or Little Miss looks just as shape-full and characterful on each book. Then, there’s the modernity and timeless appeal of the series which revolves around a simplified character always positioned in the centre of the book, against a white background. There is also the shape and bold colour of the character which makes him (or her!) so unique. It isn’t hard to see why Mr. Men and Little Miss are one of children’s favourite characters ever drawn!

Whether Mr Men are Silly, Clever or Cool, the books’ covers retain the same look, firmly belonging to Hargreaves’ characterful characters. Making it an instantaneously recognisable, unforgettable and timeless brand.

Quite an achievement… the Mr Men series that was started in 1971 features characters with names such as, my personal favourite, Mr Happy who have personalities based on their names. Mr Men were joined in 1981 by female characters, Little Miss, in the same style. A truly great brand – real longevity with brand values always guaranteed to make you giggle… Happy birthday Mr Men!

From Little Miss Ohh la la!


  1. Nice post! Good message! Little Miss Ohh la la!

  2. Awesome post! Still have the full set tucked away safely [from when my children were little] ready for their children.

  3. One of the few memories of my own childhood that I have shared with my own children. Also, a classic case of ‘keep it simple’.

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