Posted by: Ohh la la | September 18, 2011

Ohh la la to take across channel new Made in France social network

In the last few years the social media scene has been dominated by American social networks. But now all this could be about to change as a French company launches Selliance – an innovative new social network.

Yorkshire based marketing agency Ohh la la has been appointed to support it internationally.

The work follows Yorkshire’s ‘cheeky little marketing agency’ (which ranks in the top 1% of the Sunday Times Social Media list) teaming up with Paris based agency Idnition to offer their European clients truly multi-cultural social media services.

The partnership with Idnition reflects both agencies’ desire to offer effective, affordable and multi-lingual social media expertise to French and English clients – not only to help them embed social networks in their marketing strategies but also deliver better multi-cultural person-to-person customer engagement. Selliance is the partnership’s first international client.

At a time when it seems there are more social networks than one has time to log in to, Selliance, the new “Made in France” social media, offers users a very innovative, integrated approach to socialising – the best of both worlds against established competitors such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Viadeo.

Available in English and, naturellement, in French, Selliance’s integrated approach offers two social networks under one platform to enable individuals, professionals and businesses to socialise with their peers seamlessly.

It’s early days for Selliance but the social network is already gathering momentum in France – we guess it might not be long before it gets us hooked this side of Le Channel and we enjoy it with a morning croissant.

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