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Social sharing made easier

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Automatically updated Facebook page when you Tweet

Want to link your Facebook page to your tweets? 

If you are wondering how to update your Facebook status automatically every time you send out a new Tweet, read on! You are only a couple of minutes away from making it happen!

You can either manage your Facebook page using a social media dashboard like Hootsuite. Simply visit Hootsuite or…

Or to make it happen from Facebook, follow this brilliant shortcut:

Full step by step guidance from Ask Dave Taylor here

Happy tweeting!

If you get stuck, give us a shout 🙂

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The colours of the web 100 ten brands

“Color is an important part of any brand, but along with the actual name of a company… Is it a great brand that builds a great company, or the other way around?”

Brilliant piece of research… Another excellent reason for you to choose carefully the colours that will underpin your brand.

At Ohh la la we firmly believe that carefully chosen colours, are key to a robust corporate identity!

For a start colours have a significant impact on people’s emotional state as each one evokes a different mood…. But that’s not all!

Colours also have a functional impact on readability and legibility as well as their ability to attract attention!

Those are all critical factors when choosing the colours that are applied to your logo and marketing collaterals ranging from your uniforms, signage or website pages.

The full research details about The Colours of the Top 100 Web Brands can be read here.

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Can you complete this survey to help me

Can you complete this survey to help me understand the Provision of Payroll services to UK SME? Merci!

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Free master class with Cheryl Cole & Alexandra Burke’s dancer!

New dance school, Sunshine Studios Liverpool, gets star treatment for its Saturday grand opening with a free street and hip-hop master class headed by no less than professional commercial dancer and choreographer, Nader Musharbash. And Judging from his YouTube showreel and other featured videos, Nader’s master class promises to rock.

Regularly on tour with international stars, Nader’s credits include Pink’s MTV EMA Awards, Keri Hilson’s Mobo Awards, Girls Aloud’s UK Out of Control Tour, Cheryl Cole, Alexandra Burke, Lilly Allen, Pixie Lott – the list goes on, and on!

Liverpool dance aficionados are invited to attend many free master classes throughout the weekend to celebrate the Studios’ opening. Other dance pros running free master classes include Jenny Corcoran (Commercial/Street Jazz on Saturday from 4-5pm) and Dani Winters (New Style Street on Sunday from 3-4pm)

The Liverpool Studios – part of the expanding Sunshine Studios’ franchise group – are headed by business partners, Gavin Vincent and Frankie Wong, who both share infectious passion for dancing.

Gavin Vincent says: “We are delighted to bring high calibre dancers such as Nader to Liverpool! Everyone should be allowed to aspire to become a professional dancer and have the chance to get the best training in what ever style they like.”

“We also want Liverpool people to simply have some fun! Dancing is such a great way to keep fit.” Co-owner Frankie Wong adds.

Nader’s master class is on the 18/09/2010, starts at 2pm and finishes at 3:30pm. More details can be found on

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Dandelion seeds grow wellbeing brand

As businesses across Yorkshire & Humber face major change, employers need to be more aware than ever of the benefits of boosting their staff morale. Successful Leeds-based wellbeing business  has been relaunched and rebranded as kk wellbeing with a broader offer to further enhance the feel good factor it provides to the region’s businesses.

Ohh la la was appointed to lead on kk wellbeing’s strategic marketing development and rebranding. The strategic marketing planning, so often not given enough emphasis, was crucial in understanding the real potential for growth across kk’s core markets and to redefine its services and brand.

Following stringent marketing planning, the business has been restructured to focus its efforts on corporate wellbeing coaching, wellness incentive days and on-site massage. Research showed that businesses of all sizes benefit greatly both in terms of absenteeism costs reduction and turnover increase from corporate wellbeing programmes; particularly at present with so many organisations and their staff facing huge pressures in the current economic climate.

The new brand identity also underpins a digital marketing campaign launched this week. The website, Twitter page and blog were all developed by Ohh la la.

Kay Kirkby, kk wellbeing’s director said: “When Ohh la la presented the strategic marketing plan I realised what the business was missing, it was pivotal in refocusing what we do. Ohh la la’s refreshing branding based on an excellent understanding of our business and market really are the seeds of our future growth.”

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Marketers get marketing!

Having had to work hard throughout my career at flying the strategic marketing flag high to ensure that my budgets didn’t get axed, I know just how important it is for marketers to show marketing leadership. After reading the excellent article published in Marketing Week by Mark Choueke “It’s time to show marketing leadership”, I feel it’s time once more to get the sword out of the stone.

The marketing industry as a whole doesn’t help itself. Marketers in general need to be far more assertive about the role the marketing function has to play, and be a lot more strategic too in their approaches and recommendations. Unfortunately the lack of understanding and support that some of them encounter is brought upon themselves by amateurish approaches and lack of clarity for instance between marketing and marketing communications.

Of course there are some outstanding marketers across the UK with the business skills required to deliver true strategic marketing approaches and able to operate in environments that enable them to spread their wings. However those industries – where their skills are used to their full and marketing is wholly integrated to the business strategy to support a truly customer centric approach – are far and few between!

Too many senior marketers either lack the assertiveness required to bring the role of their team to a head with the senior management team, or are refused a voice at board level to give marketing the pivotal role it deserves to support the strategic development of any successful organisation.

Nonetheless establishing marketing as a core function and maintaining agreed budgets needn’t be a battle. Once business leaders accept that marketing creates real £ value and plays a crucial role in securing new customers and retaining existing one, the marketing sector will get somewhere!

In the current climate where marketing is perceived as an add-on rather than an integral part of the business growth, a significant change is required on the part of marketers to:

  • Establish their function at the heart of their organisation, not as an adjunct to the commercial team;
  • Shape robust marketing strategy in a more customer centric way, selecting key markets and segments to do business in, rather than being bullied in implementing random activities;
  • Tell the business decision makers which market to go into, rather than being told;
  • Identify and demonstrate the return on investments for their activities so that the marketing function plays a greater role in taking business decisions;
  • Press for their organisation to be customer centric to deliver profitable long-term growth.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing and its members also have a crucial role to play in raising the profile of the marketing profession and spreading the philosophy of marketing … and some of the recruitment agencies out there who specialise in filling marketing vacancies would do well to review their understanding of marketing’s role to support the need for qualified marketers.

More than ever marketing should be seen as the lung of any enterprise but if we are going to change perceptions, and ensure that marketing budgets don’t get axed randomly without a real understanding of the consequences, isn’t it time for marketers to market marketing?!

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North West to fly high the Hip Hop flag this summer

Hip Hop addicts who join Sunshine Studios’ intensive 2 weeks Summer Dance School will learn from the industry top dance professionals who support stars like Pussycat Dolls, Girls Aloud, Pink, Kanye West, Gwen Stefani, George Michael to name but a few! Some of the teachers lined up include members of Dance2XS (the world famous American dance company that boasts names such as So You Think You Can Dance, Sisco Gomez) and Soul Mavericks (the UK Break Dancing Champions).

Sunshine Dance Ltd Director and professional dancer Jerry Tse commented: “We have secured some of the most talented dancers and choreographers on the UK and international dance scene making Sunshine Studios the place to be at this summer for anyone who is serious about Hip Hop!”

The Summer Dance Camp will challenge beginners, intermediate and advanced level students in learning various Hip Hop, Street, Locking, Popping and Break Dancing moves in a friendly but professional environment.

“Hip-hop is not a dance for the faint hearted but our professionals will be showing that with some drive and tenacity, students can become outstanding hip-hop professionals. Our students at Sunshine Studios in Manchester but also Bolton and Stoke on Trent will never look at Hip Hop in the same way!” Jerry adds.

Three Summer Dance Schools have now been announced and will be running from: 26th July to 6th August; 9th to 13th August and 16th to 27th August. They promise to bring a real Hip Hop cultural exchange in Manchester as the classes are opened to international students and many are travelling as far as from Australia, Russia or France.

To book:

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On the elephants trail across London…

I was strolling across Regent Street on Monday heading back to catch my tube on Piccadilly Circus when I literally stumbled across a life size elephant… right by the National Geographic store. I couldn’t help but getting my IPhone out and snapping the beautifully decorated specimen. May I had I wasn’t the only one to do so!

Minutes later I came across another brightly painted elephant. This was enough to send me on a trail mission across the capital jungle to see if I could spot anymore.

Courtesy of my IPhone yet again, I found out that my new chum was part of an Asian elephant sculpture herd of 250. They are settling in London till July as part of a conservation campaign hoping to raise £2m for endangered Asian elephants. All the elephants are for sale by auction and miniature versions can be bought too…

In a crowded market where donors are solicited by multiple charities, the social enterprise Elephant Parade has succeeded to combine art with a creative marketing approach that has been extended online to trigger goodwill and generate the funds needed to help protect the endangered specie.

How to Use Twitter Workshop | Thursday 6th May | From 18.00 till 20.00 | The Happiness Centre, Ilkley

I feel compelled to say that if you aren’t interested in genuinely engaging with your customers, don’t use Twitter for your business. But if you are ready to start a conversation about your company, it can be a powerful tool to develop your brand and add many loyal customers to your following. The great thing about Twitter is that anyone can use it successfully with businesses doing so ranging from @Starbucks to @Lift_Heal. Best of all creating a Twitter account and tweeting is free!

Finding the right people and the right, natural flow of conversation is the key to meaningful Twitter use and strengthening your brand. If you believe in your business and enjoy communicating what you do, you will use Twitter successfully. Passion and good communications skills are Tweeters’ common denominator!

You will leave the workshop knowing how to use Twitter to grow your business. This will entail understanding:

  • Social media: what it is and where Twitter fits in
  • The power of Twitter: why you should Tweet
  • How to get started: set up your Twitter account and create your own Twitter page
  • How to write a successful Tweet within 140 characters
  • How to use Twitter: Retweet, get a Mention and send a Direct Message
  • How to identify new clients and engage with them!
  • Tools available to manage your tweets so that Twitter does not take over all your time!
  • Resources to manage and boost your online reputation
  • Twitter do’s and dont’s
  • What else should you be doing

Attendance to the Twitter Workshop is £40 for two delegates per business.

For anyone who has specific questions that are not answered during the workshop, I will be running a free marketing surgery from 20.00 till 21.00.

To book a place on the Twitter Workshop, please contact:

Caroline Broquere-Lartigue | Ohh la la ltd | Email: |

Mobile: 07795360660 | Twitter: @ohh_la_la | Web:

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